Do you need to like your Realtor? No, but it helps.


Your real estate agent is a complete ass. He’s the Donald Trump of the real estate world. Without the weird hair and the $10 billion bank account. But still.

He’s mean. Rude. Cunning. Ruthless even. Seemingly incapable of kindness or empathy or even fair play.He’s also insanely successful and working with him has always paid off for you. Literally.The morality play has concerned you before, but it’s getting more and more difficult to work with someone whom you don’t like or respect. Time to let go of the relationship and work with someone new? Or should you just get over it?

The real question is: Does your real estate agent have to be likable? Inc. thinks so.

“The fact is that the more likable you are, the better you will get along with your co-workers and others in your life. And the better you get along with others, the more successful you will be,” they said. “People want to work (and spend their lives) with people they like, and they want to avoid (sometimes at any cost) those they don’t like.”

I’ve personally found that to be true.

But I’ve also seen a whole lot of a-holery. Trump makes no apologies for opinions and actions that make others cringe. And he’s hardly alone.

When it comes to real estate, the concept of the “asshole agent” is one that is not just tolerated, but celebrated on TV (check out any episode of Million Dollar Agent in any city for proof). It’s also one that’s propagated by actual asshole agents who seem to be following a very specific route to success.

“Real-estate agents, take note: It’s better to be feared than loved,” said the Wall Street Journal in an article entitled “A Few Home-Selling Tips From Machiavelli.” Research for the article found that “brokers who score high in Machiavellian personality tests sell more real estate than their kinder, gentler colleagues…meaning Machiavellian behavior and performance were found to be highly correlated.”


But the article also makes an important point about long-term success: “In general, anyone in real estate is likely to be dependent on repeat business. If you take a Machiavellian approach, then that would hurt your long-run prospects.”


After all, this business is not easy. But it is incredibly rewarding. If you don’t like helping people make a dream come true or get out of a bad financial situation or simply change their scenery, maybe you just belong in a different business.

You jerk.


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