Home Not Selling? Re-List!


Think back to when you were in school. Were you ever the last one picked during gym class? If so, then you know it’s no fun. Nobody likes to be the last one picked; not in school, and definitely not in the real estate market. When a home sits for too long with a “For Sale” sign on the lawn, it can garner a negative reputation. If you feel your home has been on the market for too long, it might be time to pull it from the market, reassess the situation, and eventually re-list it.

Re-listing a home after a certain amount of time (it will vary from state-to-state) will allow it to be tagged as a “new listing” once again, and be rid of any previous reputation, if it had one. However, simply re-listing a home that’s been on the market for a while may not be enough in and of itself to attract new buyers. When your home is off the market, you may want to rethink the price and make sure that the price you’re asking for is near the market value of the home. Also, re-listing the home with a new feature can draw some much-needed positive attention to the home.

Lastly, pay attention to the photos of your home. Were they taken on a cloudy day? If so, retake them when it’s sunny because clouds can often make rooms seem too dark. Do the photographs of the rooms contain furniture, books, or other things that could be considered “clutter?” Make sure the photos of your home look inviting, and don’t contain too many of your personal items. You want prospective buyers to imagine their own things in the home.

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