Ideas for Your Kitchen – San Fernando Valley – Santa Clarita


The Kitchen is one the most used rooms in the house and it is also one of the most neglected, so why not give it a little attention this Spring? This is especially important if you’re preparing your home to sell. It doesn’t matter if you’re located in the San Fernando Valley or the Santa Clarita Valley, updating the kitchen is always a good idea when preparing to show the home to prospective buyers.
Try covering up last year’s fry-up-gone-bad with a nice slick coat of coat of paint. If you can’t afford to replace old cabinet doors, simply replacing the door knobs can give them a new spring in their step! Add more light to your kitchen with new lampshades and perhaps under cabinet lighting. Shopping for new utensils and replacing tea stained dish towels is always a good idea and the easiest to do. If you don’t have the budget, add a vase of fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit and voila! Your kitchen has sprung!

If considering selling your home, it’s important to use caution before investing money in home improvements. Even though it’s important homes show nicely to prospective Valley home buyers, home values will always be largely determined by location. If you are having mortgage problems and considering short selling your home, all traditional rules go out the window. Be 100% sure to consult with your real estate short sale expert before doing anything, and the sooner the better.

As an experienced Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley Realtor, I believe it’s critical homeowners consult with their real estate professional before moving forward with their home improvements. Your realtor will know what updates will return the best values and it may be best to skip the improvement completely. If a homeowner spends $5,000 to improve their kitchen, but it only results in a $1000 added home value, it might not be a good decision to move forward. At the same time, if it’s necessary to improve the chances of a quick sale, it may be worth it!

In closing, making the decision to move forward with improvements is not always as clear cut as one might think. That’s why we always advise speaking with your real estate professional in advance. Please feel free to contact me, Tripp Jones, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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