What’s That Smell?


Have you ever been to someone’s home and noticed a strong odor every time they opened the refrigerator? Maybe you’ve noticed this in your own home. Worse yet–maybe you noticed it even when the refrigerator is closed.

This problem often begins when the power goes out, or when the refrigerator is accidentally left open for a prolonged period of time. Odors also become strong and unpleasant when liquids (such as juices from uncooked meat) leak out and get into hard-to-clean areas.

When most people notice foul odors emanating from their fridge, their first thought is to empty it out and use a disinfecting cleaner on the inside, hoping to eradicate the smell. Unfortunately, some people often stop right there.

Using a disinfectant to clean the fridge is appropriate, but you also need to make sure to get all the little hard to reach areas. If possible, try to remove the shelves and scour all the grooves. Also, thoroughly clean the rubber seal around both doors. Bacteria and debris love to hide in there, and if it isn’t properly cleaned, mold and mildew can easily grow.

Once the entire appliance has been thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, place newspaper on the shelves and charcoal briquettes in the drawers to absorb odors. Replace the newspapers and charcoals daily until the smell is completely gone.

Food odors will turn guests off. Unfortunately we become accustomed to the smells in our own homes and won’t even know when they’re lurking around. The tips above will help ensure a sweet smelling house.

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