Why YOU need a Realtor


Recently I did a couple of Open Houses over the weekend for a new listing I have in the SFV. Several of the people who dropped in were young couples, buying their first home or moving up from another home, and most of them were shopping on the Syndicated Realtor websites (I WILL NOT mention them as I don’t want to ADD to their SEO!) They buyers came in, looked around, asked questions, then a few of them told me that they would be willing to work with the listing agent, thinking that they would be a better price by working with the listing agent.

WRONG! The listing agents job is to get the BEST price for the SELLER, not offer a deal to the BUYER! Being a Dual agent has many complications and can lead to problems down the road, some of them legal.

I always tell people if they were standing in court accused of murder, would they want the Prosecuting attorney representing them, or would they want someone who was on THEIR side, exclusively? Also these kind of Buyers don’t know where to go to get a mortgage-as seasoned professionals we can sometimes steer our clients in the right direction, and when we have established a long relationship with a lender they tend to work in our interests better.

Finally if the buyer is going up against multiple offers an established agent with a long work history (like ME) can package the offer to stand out above others. Shorter contingencies? Waive the Home Warranty? Offer a higher deposit? Actually have a better working relationship with the listing agent? All of these tactics, and more, I have used to my advantage! Although the internet is a great place to start looking, and you get a feel for what housing goes for in terms of price for an area, it still hasn’t been proven its been the BEST! Do yourself a favor next time you are out looking for homes, find some agents who YOU think you will be comfortable with, call/text or find them on Facebook, and develop a personal relationship with them. In the end, you’ll be glad you did!

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