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Get the Answers You Need BEFORE Making an Offer to Buy

Tripp Jones - Realtor

How to Get Started With Buying Real Estate

Most people begin the process of buying a home by viewing listings in their communities of interest, usually by using their mobile phone. Of course, that's a good start but if you're serious you'll need all the latest information BEFORE making any offers.

The first step is to contact us for a home buying strategy meeting. When buying real estate, it costs you nothing to choose us for representation. You'll save time, money and be better prepared to enter the real estate market.

Next, BEFORE touring homes it's critical to meet with a lender and obtain pre-approval. Without a letter of pre-approval from a reputable lender, it's unlikely any seller will consider your offer. In fact, unqualified offers usually get filed directly to the trash can.

Contact us schedule a preliminary meeting and Tripp will work out a plan of attack and introduce you to a great lender.

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Questions Often Asked

What is the best home search resource? Many house hunters use Zillow but do you really want to be inundated with multiple agents contacting you? I offer an outstanding home search app and it's free. Even better, unless you ask, I won't contact you OR share your information with anyone.

Why do I need loan pre-approval before making an offer? Many buyers incorrectly make assumptions about their credit and what they can afford to buy. Also, without pre-approval your offers will not be taken seriously.

What about additional costs when buying? Yes, there are often additional costs but we need to know what home you are interested in before determining any added costs. Tripp will provide you with that information when meeting or before you make an offer to buy. 

What are these Mello Roos taxes? Mello Roos has become common, especially in newer areas of SoCal. Basically, it's a bond assessment, in addition to your property taxes and usually helps fund the local schools. Some communities have no Mello Roos and others do. The rates vary but Tripp has all the information and he'll fill you in before making any offer.

What About HOA's? Homeowner's associations are common in all condo complexes, but they are also found in some areas with houses. The amounts vary widely and you need to know these amounts because it does impact your budget and the the loan amount for which you qualify.

What should I know about homes with solar? This is more common however it's critical to find out if the home you intend to buy has a leased system of owned. There is more to it, but if it's a leased system you must qualify financially to take on the lease. It's critical you fully understand the details of any solar system before buying.

For answers to more questions so please see below.

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More Questions We Often Hear from Buyers

  • What are FHA Loans? FHA loans are backed by the feds and especially popular among first time buyers. Basically, you can get into a home with about 3.5% down. There's is much more to know which Tripp will discuss with you when meeting.
  • Are there any grants available for buyers? Yes, there are a few grants available but you must complete any applications and meet certain qualifications.
  • Can you help us buy a short sale or foreclosed property? Yes, we can help with any type of transaction however there are a number of things we'll need to share with you before making any purchases.
  • Can you help me buy investment and cash flow properties? Oh yes, Tripp provides representation to a number of real estate investors.
  • Do you network with other agents to help us find our perfect home? Tripp has been a real estate agent for over 20 years and has positive relationships with the real estate community.
  • Can you help us buy a real estate owned property? Yep. we offer services with REO portal management through REOtrans, RESnet, etc.
  • As a buyer, how much must I pay you to represent me? Absolutely NOTHING! Real estate commissions are paid by the seller.
  • Do you recommend I obtain a home inspection? Yes, it's worth every penny to pay for and obtain an inpsection as part of the escrow process. If there are deficiencies found you can request the seller make those corrections before closing.

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