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Buying real estate begins with finding that one special home. Begin by Downloading our Team Tripp Home Search App. Works perfectly on all Tablets or Phones.

Team Tripp Home Search App

It's Never Been so Easy to Search for Homes with Our Team Tripp Home Search App

Location Aware

Immediately view homes for sale based on your current location.

Save and Share Favorites

Save your favorite listings for viewing later or share with friends.

No Form Filling Necessary

Use common gestures to position the map. As the map moves, the listings appear.

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Search for Homes On the Go

Finding that one perfect home to buy is so much easier than it once was. Simply download our fully featured home search app to your phone or tablet device, and you're all set!

Team Tripp App Features
Our home buyers often comment how simple it is to use and they especially like the ease in moving and sizing the map to area of interest. In fact, there's no need to even position the map because the app intuitively knows you location and instantly displays the current listings on the screen. Optionally, enter the zip code or city and it's all set.

Next, if you see a home you really like you can easily save it for viewing later, share with others, ask Tripp questions or arrange a visit. You share, save, and communicate just like you would with anything else when you're using your phone or tablet. As long as you know how to use your phone or iPad, there's nothing new to learn.

Should you need any help, contact Tripp at 661-713-4555.  If not, just download the app and get started today!


Our Team Tripp Home Search App Rivals Some the Best!