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Making the decision to sell your home is no easy choice, and often it's difficult to know just where to begin. Certainly, you'll need an accurate evaluation of your home, but that's just the beginning. What about preparing your home so you can get the highest price possible? Yep, the list goes on and on and that's why it's best to choose your real estate agent as soon as possible.

Tripp has been representing home sellers for years and has a long track record of success. You can rest assured your home will be properly marketed and the transaction will go smoothly, but there's much more to consider. That's why Tripp will proactively guide you through the process, once step at a time.

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Of course, you can obtain an online home value quite easily, but they are rarely accurate. Contact us today for a free, personalized home evaluation.

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Valencia, CA Home Sold by Tripp Jones
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Condo sold by Tripp Jones
Condo sold by Tripp Jones

Answers to Common Home Selling Questions

Although each home sale is different, the real estate market continues to evolve, usually resulting in common questions we often hear from our friends and clients. Here are some questions and answers with regard to selling your home.

How long will it take to sell my home? Unfortunately, there is not one answer that can apply to all homes and situations. It depends on the market conditions, your home's location, type, popularity, contingencies, condition and of course, price. There's more, but these are things your buyer's will be considering.

Should we upgrade the home before selling? Be very careful with spending too much money on upgrades because you probably won't get your money back when selling. Make sure the inside and outside of your home is clean and organized. Fresh paint is always a good idea and clean or new carpet goes a long ways too. Your home should be in good repair as well.

Can I sell my home contingent of buying another? Of course, however this is a contingency and some buyers will not be interested as a result. If you're well qualified to buy another home and already selected another home you plan to make an offer on, that will help.

Should we price our home above market value? Usually, it's not a good idea, unless you have plenty of time to sell. When a new listing hits the market, it immediately receives NEW LISTING status and this generates excitement. If the home is priced too high, that excitement immediately fades away and it slows any momentum.

What Areas do You Work? Unlike other agents, we offer real estate services to a wide geographic area, especially when representing home sellers. Have a look at our service areas here.

Remember, when selling a home the key is to attract as many qualified buyers to your door as possible. Generally, the more buyers are interested, the more offers you will receive, resulting in selling your home for the highest possible price.

Of course, we expect you have many more questions and we're happy to meet with you for a listing appointment. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Offering a Full Range of Real Estate Home Selling Services

  • Residential re-sales
  • Land Sales
  • REO Listings and sales
  • Investment and cash flow properties
  • Helping homeowners to avoid foreclosure
  • Short Sales
  • Applying the most current innovations and technologies
  • Keeping abreast of all regulations in California
  • Presenting/negotiating contracts with Buyers
  • Networking with other agents to drive traffic to current listings
  • REO portal management through REOtrans, RESnet, etc.
  • Marketing and advertising of active listings to ensure full market penetration
  • Assisting clients with disclosure paperwork
  • Providing asset managers and service providers with BPOs and valuations
  • Interaction with real estate appraisers, providing current sales comps to determine actual value
  • Maintaining strong lines of communication with clients
  • Transaction Management

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